My entry into impact investing happened in 2007, right around the time the term “impact investing” was first coined.   It was the year after Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank had been awarded the Noble Prize for microfinance, which acknowledged that economic prosperity and peace go hand in hand.

The more I learned about microfinance the more interested and inspired I became.  Career-wise, I had always worked at the intersection of finance and international development, so microfinance was a natural transition.   I started working as an investment officer for Triple Jump, a specialized asset manager for microfinance funds based in the Netherlands, making loans to microfinance institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.   

In 2010, I joined Calvert Impact Capital (at the time known as “The Calvert Social Investment Foundation”) as an investment officer on its international lending team.  Since 1998, Calvert has played a pioneering role in impact investing in the United States and in the developing world.  While at Calvert, I made loans to a wider range of social enterprises across a variety of sectors (renewable energy, water, etc.) and business models.  

Since 2012, I have been working for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (“OPIC”), the development finance institution of the U.S. government, as an investment officer on its Social Enterprise Finance Team.  OPIC mobilizes private capital to frontier and emerging markets through loans, loan guarantees and political risk insurance.  While at OPIC I have made investments in social enterprises and impact investment funds across a broad spectrum of sectors (microfinance, renewable energy, water and sanitation, etc.).

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